What a Character!

Date October 26, 2009

This week I am leading the small business panel at the 140 Characters Conference in Los Angeles, California on behalf of my employer, America’s Best Companies. This is pretty significant in that I will be sharing how small business is being effected by the real-time internet. Basically, I’m going to talk about how Facebook and [...]

Twitter Tip: How to Toot Your Own Horn

Date September 2, 2009

Someone asked me the following question today:
Sometimes I see people making a little celebratory announcement on Twitter. Like being listed on the Top 20 Twitterers for this or that, for instance. Is that something where it’s OK for the influencer types to do it but not really the rest of us [average users]?
This is a [...]

Twitter and Social Media — What Should it Be?

Date August 22, 2009

It was around 2005 when I first started getting into this new age of social media. I found podcasts first. I liked the podcast hosts and wanted to get to know them further. I found them through their online forums that they’d talked about on their shows and then the initial group of us all [...]

Lots of Changes

Date October 28, 2008

This past month has been full of changes for me. Thankfully they’ve all been positive. I have a new job and as a result, it’s helped me create a new way to how I function in my social networks.
The New Career Opportunity
At the beginning of October I officially moved from self-employed to being employed [...]

To Plurk or Not to Plurk?

Date June 3, 2008

I spent much of a whole day playing within Plurk. Yes, it has quite the peculiar name. When I first registered and began using the service I found it to be rather buggy. I got a lot of “File Not Found” errors and even the style sheets wouldn’t load properly. After a bit of [...]