New Media

New Media : Defined?
New Media is really any combination of old media practices however a strict definition is still being debated. If you haven’t heard the term New Media, you may recognize it in reference to Web 2.0. In my opinion what really makes up new media is social networking working hand-in-hand with software. It allows you to be interactive with your media and the source. In old media (television, broadcast radio, newspaper, magazines, etc.) we weren’t given the opportunity to respond. Now we have that ability and it can be immediate if we so desire. It includes a social element where users can generate and distribute content, often with the freedom to share and re-use. The user has the ability to own, control, format and distribute at will. Much of new media relies on the use of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) often with the use of an aggregator, a reader or website that will automatically check for new content as specified by the user)

New Media can mean any one or combination of podcasting, blogging, other websites, streaming audio and video, chat rooms, email, online communities, internet advertising, DVD and CD-ROM media, internet telephony (VOIP), etc.

Hopefully I haven’t lost you yet. It’s really not complicated. Most people find out how easy it really is to be on the listening end of new media simply by dipping their toes in and testing the waters.

A Bit of My History
I have been blogging since 2001, back when it was referred to as internet journaling. I’ve been involved in creating media in several forms, including audio, video supported by use of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and other useful tools. I started this blog more recently in an effort to reflect my current views and insights regarding new and social media. I’ve come across a number of people who’ve wanted to venture into new media. Some have stepped in and gone at it full force without an understanding of how to accomplish certain goals. Goals such as attracting an audience, creating a visual brand as well as audible brand, marketing strategies, or clarity on how to relate and connect to their audience.

Relating to Your Audience
I think the biggest thing I’ve learned about this field is that it’s really all about forming and nurturing a relationship with your audience. In podcasting I will speak and share my message, but if I don’t learn how to communicate my message relatably, I’ll be missing out on important aspects of expanding my brand and my audience. I want my message to be personal so that my audience feels like they’re getting to know me. Now I may be incapable of getting to know that part of my audience but they will have had the opportunity to feel as though they know me. I will have made a connection, and in making that connection I have created a resource. The same applies to blogging. You have to relate to your audience.

There’s also the presentation of your media be it vocal, visual or both. Branding your media with attractive and consistent visuals is one of the most important objectives that you will achieve before and while you market and promote your media. Effectively branding your media will send consistent messages to your audience, establishing your brand image and purpose.

I’ve had experience in all of the above aspects of new media. Do you need someone to help take you there and get it done right? Get in touch with me by sending an email to or please feel free to use any of the social media venues on the right.

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