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Digital Technologies for Presentations

Date June 16, 2012

This week I had the pleasure of presenting marketing and business education topics to multiple groups of people in the northeast. Typically when I present to an audience in a location other than in the Chicagoland area, I travel and present to them in-person. This situation was a bit different. The event coordinators wanted to [...]

The Purpose and Importance of a DOCTYPE

Date November 8, 2010

Recently someone asked me what a DOCTYPE was. I paused for a moment and thought, “well, I know the DOCTYPE is the first thing at the top of every webpage, even before the HTML tag.” Quite honestly though, I had no idea what the purpose of it was. When I start coding a new page, [...]

An HTML Footer Include Made Easy

Date August 3, 2010

Someone asked me a question about HTML includes recently.
I want to make changes to the footer on one page and make it change across all of my pages. How do I do this?
Well, it’s pretty simple. Here’s a quick tutorial.

Create a new HTML page with empty code. If your editor inserts code automatically, delete it.
Go [...]

Adjusting Your Microphone’s Recording Volume

Date January 29, 2008

This article is going to cover how to adjust your microphone’s recording volume if you’re on a Windows XP machine. I voice chat a lot and run across many people whose microphone volume’s are coming across either too soft or too loud.
Why is this a problem? Well, for example, if I have three other people [...]