An Industry a Step Behind is Empowered by Internet Marketing

Date December 7, 2012

Over the course of the past few years I’ve traveled all over the country at the request of organizations throughout my industry. I’ve presented on offline marketing, online marketing, social media and the like. Never, had I felt more successful than the engagement I returned from late Wednesday night in Ohio.

At this full-day conference, I was slated to present on Internet Marketing Tools for the Modern Laundry, which could be applied to any business, but I tailored this one to my laundromat audience. My presentation wasn’t going to happen until the last 2 hours of the day, scheduled that way specifically to keep people at the show throughout the day. I have to tell you, it worked perfectly.

Throughout the course of the conference, I was able to sit down with one small business every 30 minutes. After a few moments of explaining the importance of having an online presence for a local business, each and every business owner that I talked to jumped on board with the idea. Each of them signed with my company, and more than 50% of them signed at the highest rate which gave them the highest level of service we offer. Every single one of those owners purchased and gave me all the information I needed to create a website for their individual locations, which they’ll all have by Monday.

My experience at this conference afforded me a lot of great insight into this particular industry. The folks that don’t understand the internet or just aren’t there yet want, and maybe even need, that higher level of service. They want someone to step in, explain why it’s important and then just do it for them. These guys are busy running the day-to-day operations of their business, and in this industry aren’t used to having to market. So there’s a need here, and I’m happy to lead the solution to fill those needs.

To break it all down, I signed everyone I spoke to. I exceeded even my own expectations in terms of the level at which people would sign with my company. I learned by sitting down with the individual organizations that each of the individual needs do translate to the majority. All-in-all this conference was a huge success.

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