The Emotion Promotion

Date November 29, 2009

crying-baby2I have always said that if a song or a television show can evoke an emotion from me, that’s the sign that they’ve done their job. Really, if I’m laughing my head off, crying my eyes out or feeling the emotions of love, then I’m more likely to talk to others about what caused all of that in me. What does that do? Well, the people behind what I saw just created a marketing officer in me by doing that. I start spouting off about how great their show is. Yes, when you talk about a show (in a positive light) you’re promoting their show (negative light.. well you get the idea). For example, when the show Glee premiered, I told everyone that they should watch it. Seriously, I lost my mind over this show. I still think you should watch it. It’s great! Particularly the pilot episode. I felt like I was on top of the world at the end. I didn’t want to stop believing because I felt so powerful and was truly energized by the music and the characters.

This doesn’t just work for television or movies. This concept can work for basically any brand. You’ve got to find a way to connect to your audience. What can you, your product, your service or your brand do that is interesting to your target? Once you can find what they want, all that’s left is finding a way to grab onto a sliver of emotion. What can you get them to identify with?

Have you ever seen a picture of a poor neglected puppy in the newspaper accompanied with a story about how it desperately needed a home. It’d been beaten, left for dead on the side of the road and had been nursed back to health by the great men and women at the local ASPCA. Generally those newspapers are flooded with phone calls from would-be adopters. That animal and its story struck a chord with so many of those people and they chose to act on that specific thing. After they were told someone else was already adopting the animal, most of them realized and found that they were interested in pet adoption and at the very least were now talking about action. They wanted the thing that they’d identified with. When marketing your product, you have to give them something that matters to them.

So when it comes to creating a new campaign or promotion, you need to ask yourself the question “How can I get my audience to feel something?” If you don’t get me something to be compelled, intrigued or entertained by, then why should I care about it?

Just one last question. Have you set your DVR to record Glee yet? You should. [See!]

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