Lots of Changes

Date October 28, 2008

This past month has been full of changes for me. Thankfully they’ve all been positive. I have a new job and as a result, it’s helped me create a new way to how I function in my social networks.

The New Career Opportunity
At the beginning of October I officially moved from self-employed to being employed by a small business: America’s Best Companies (ABC). We are basically a national-level small business association. This is a company that educates, offers advice and helps to make life overall easier on the small business owner. One of the main ways they do this is by offering discounts (the kind that actually help you!) from companies like Staples, UPS, insurance, utilities and even health care. There are blogs, a weekly newsletter, search engine submission and even a bi-monthly magazine. The magazine is absolutely amazing if I do say so.

As with any small business association, there’s a membership involved to receive these discounts and additional benefits. ABC offers so much more in comparison to many city and town based associations and chambers of commerce and for far less money. I think that’s the key here, the cost is low and the give is big.

We recently opened it up and now offer free basic memberships! I think that’s way cool because it allows people free access to our eWeekly newsletter (I get to write a bit for that too), a free business profile and automatic search engine inclusion. You even get a free issue of our magazine.

After the free basic membership, there are two other levels. One brings you an amped up premium profile, those fabulous discounts I mentioned before, online advertising, advice, information, news, full subscription to America’s Best Magazine and a boatload of marketing material. The other offers all of that, plus your own customized website.

What made me want to work for this company, aside from them wanting me to work there, was their real desire to help small business in the United States. The philosophy isn’t to kick the super-I-sell-everything-stores to the side, but to find a way for the small business owner to be able to thrive right along side them! The goal is that once we get enough members, well have the power of numbers on our side and can make it to Washington to become the voice of small business and lobby for some rights. It’s that integrity and that value that hooked me. They want to help and they can.

What do I do?
Now I’ve told you what the company does and what they offer, but what do I do for them? I help to make them look good. I get to do a little bit of everything that I’m good at. I design a little, I code a little, I talk a little and I interact all around. I work on interface and new media and I love what I do.

The interesting thing with this transition is that I’ve changed how I play in the social media space. Since I used to work from home, for myself, I always had a hard time separating personal and business. Business for me was personal. I had a personal Twitter account and a business account. The sad thing is, I neglected my business account and never paid the proper attention to the people who wanted to follow me there. I’ve done away with that account and have followed all of the people who followed me there on the account that I now interact on during the day: @kFenolio. I am still maintaining my personal Twitter account privately. I certainly don’t need more than two Twitter accounts.

So if you’re on Twitter, follow me there. I generally interact and talk throughout my day. I share interesting small business finds or internet marketing related things. I also write a bit and share my own advice.

So I leave you with a couple requests, if you would, I’d love if you’d follow me on Twitter or share with others what my company can do for them. Now I need to know what I can do for you. How can I help you?

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