O Canada, Your Home and Market-land

Date October 14, 2012

I just got back from my first opportunity to travel internationally for business. My mission, which I chose and accepted, was to go to the Ontario Laundry Show in Toronto, ON, Canada on October 11, 2012 and learn about the Canadian market. The business of the company that I work for is to help a specific target of individuals learn to not only survive in their industry but also to thrive. We currently only operate within the United States, so I went to a distributor show in Canada to learn how their market was different than ours. I want to be able to see if we can offer assistance beyond our current market or if a modification would be in order.

In this market I learned that at least 50% of the laundry owners are Korean. This particular group is very resistant to spending money of any amount. They did thoroughly love the fact that I was offering them a free magazine subscription though. Their rent and utilities are significantly higher than here in the United States. Being a laundromat owner in Canada is usually treated as a side-job than a full time source of income.

Other than those few differences, a Canadian laundry owner’s business needs are actually quite similar to that of the US market. Many that I spoke with expressed the desire to learn how to market more, increase their profits, reduce their rent and utility bills, and service their machines.

While it’s great to know the differences between the markets, it was refreshing to know that our markets are so similar. As this is a target that’s not used to having anyone other than their distributor to go to for assistance, they really enjoyed having me there as a resource. I was encouraged to have a bigger presence and offer more assistance to this market. I hope that within the next year I can go back to Toronto and report good news along those lines.

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