Results are Only as Good as the Effort

Date September 28, 2012

The majority of my opportunities to present have all be within the B2B market of laundry owners. I was more recently asked to speak at a two-day distributor show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This is a show where this particular distributor of the laundry equipment in that market invited their targets to a location where they provided them with education, some food, discounts on new products as well as parts for their existing store equipment.

As a first in my tenure at this company, I was invited to present at one of these types of shows and alongside manufacturers such as Speed Queen, Milnor and Hamilton Engineering and more. My presentation classroom was packed not only with the expected store-owners but also with many of the sales staff from some these manufacturers and a few distributor staffers.

I was able to effectively teach the audience about specific marketing techniques that were proven to work within our market. In the final day of the show, many of us sat down together and created a mastermind group to discuss marketing techniques that distributors could utilize to more effectively attract customers to their business as well as their show. I offered the standard advices to start with such as consistency, professionalism, and a handful of mediums that I felt would benefit the distributor. I was pleased to hear many of the other contributed ideas from other non-marketing professionals in the industry were that of excitement, pizzazz, the encouragement of the use of new and social media.

I know I’ve talked about this before, but many of the owners (whether they’re owners of the laundromats or the distributorships) either never believed in marketing or maybe just didn’t understand how it would benefit them. After a few examples and statistics that demonstrate how prevalent the use of mobile technologies are within the targeted demographics, there seemed to me a willingness to adopt some of these talked about strategies. Only time will tell how this works. Remember, the results will only be as good as the effort that you put in. Target the right individuals in the right areas and you’ll see success!

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