Let’s Talk About Breasts

Date June 26, 2008

I want to talk about breasts here for a moment, and not just for the sake of talking about breasts. I’ve been doing a lot of work lately helping out with raising funds to support finding a cure for breast cancer. I have a number of friends who have been affected by the disease; maybe not directly but have friends or family who have.

This Saturday I’m going to be helping and participating in a fundraiser called Bowling for Boobs. During this event we’re going to plan a game. It’s similar to the game that women play at baby showers where you Measure the Mommy’s Belly:

(Materials- String or yarn and scissors) Have each woman pull the yarn to the size they believe would fit perfectly around the Mother-To-Be’s center of her pregnant tummy. After everyone cuts their string, compare the results to the Mommy-To-Be’s actual tummy. Give a prize to the woman who is the most close! This is a baby shower favorite.

The obvious twist is that we’re going to do this for the bust instead of the belly. We need a new and clever name. I posed this question on Plurk not too long ago and got a bunch of ideas.

Bowling for Boobs

Fundraisers that I’ve helped out with so far have been called:
Cooks for a Cure (cookbook)
Buy a Pear, Save a Pair (Farmer’s Market stand)
Bowling for Boobs (bowling event this weekend)

Here are some ideas compiled so far:

  1. Judge the Jugs
  2. Size ‘Em Up
  3. Boob Barometer
  4. Measuring the Mammaries
  5. Take Size of the Ta-Tas
  6. Less Than Equal
  7. Rack ‘Em Up
  8. Guess the Breast
  9. Guess a Cup for Cancer
  10. More Than a Handful
  11. More Than a Cupful
  12. Gauge the Girls
  13. Size up the Sweater Stretchers
  14. Calculating Cleavage
  15. Ample Appraisal
  16. Notice the Knockers
  17. Calculate My Curves
  18. Are the Breasts in Here Bigger Than They Appear?
  19. Rate This Rack

Let’s see if the power of social media can evoke some of your creative juices for a name to this game. What ideas do you have?

If you’re able to, help support this cause financially. Someday you might be affected. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a cure? Donate to support a young boy on the team who’s grandmother is currently fighting breast cancer.

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