Digital Technologies for Presentations

Date June 16, 2012

This week I had the pleasure of presenting marketing and business education topics to multiple groups of people in the northeast. Typically when I present to an audience in a location other than in the Chicagoland area, I travel and present to them in-person. This situation was a bit different. The event coordinators wanted to work with more advanced technologies and asked if I had any ideas on how to present from “home base” and broadcast it to their live audiences.

Naturally my experiences with audio and video production as well as webinar production came to mind. I arranged for the presentations to be broadcast via GoToWebinar. The audiences were invited to physical locations in Vermont, Connecticut and Maine. Through my coordination and direction, the site coordinators each made sure they had internet connections that met broadcast specifications and setup a laptop, projector, screen, speakers and a handheld microphone.

The presentations each went off without a hitch. In my opinion the only thing that was missing was the face-to-face interaction. In future opportunities such as these, I will be setting up a webcam on each end so that my audience can see me, but so that I can also see them.

All-in-all more than 100 attendees throughout the three locations were able to learn about marketing, design and websites and how their relationship with my employer would make their business lives easier. Everyone was quite pleased and the survey responses were all positive.

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